Lessons and Mentorship Essays on Music and Community Lessons and Mentorship Essays on Music and Community

Lessons and Mentorship

Guitar, Mandolin, Trumpet, Ukulele

Essays on Music and Community

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Lessons and Mentorship

Mandolin, Trumpet, Guitar, Ukulele

Essays on Music and Community

Click through to my blog

Publication of The Music of the Old North End and many other ONE Band programs are supported by Burlington City Arts Community Grant Fund  

Welcome to my site.  There are lots of new links and info but please feel free to call me at 802-881-8500


Studio Holidays

Studio Holidays 


(No lessons on these days)

(Lessons can be scheduled by special arrangement)

Wed. Jan. 1 Studio Holiday

Thur. Jan. 2 Studio Holiday

Fri. Jan. 3 Studio Holiday


Mon. Feb. 24 Studio Holiday

Tues. Feb. 25 Studio Holiday

Wed. Feb. 26 Studio Holiday

Thur. Feb. 27 Studio Holiday

Fri. Feb. 28 Studio Holiday

Sat. Feb. 29 Studio Holiday

Mon. Mar. 2 Studio Holiday

 Sat. May 23 Studio Holiday

Sun. May 24 Studio Holiday

Mon. May 25 Studio Holiday


Sat. Jul. 4 Studio Holiday


Mon July 27 Trad Camp

Tues July 28 Trad Camp

Wed July 29Trad Camp

Thurs July 30 Trad Camp

Fri July 31 Trad Camp


Mon. Sep. 7 Studio Holiday


Mon. Oct. 12 Studio Holiday


Wed. Nov. 25 Studio Holiday

Thur. Nov. 26 Studio Holiday

Fri. Nov. 27 Studio Holiday

Sat. Nov. 28 Studio Holiday

Sun. Nov. 29 Studio Holiday


Tues. Dec. 22 Studio Holiday

Wed. Dec. 23 Studio Holiday

Thur. Dec. 24 Studio Holiday

Fri. Dec. 25 Studio Holiday         

Sat. Dec. 26 Studio Holiday

Sun. Dec. 27 Studio Holiday        

Mon. Dec. 28 Studio Holiday      

Tues. Dec. 29 Studio Holiday      

Wed. Dec. 30 Studio Holiday      

Thur. Dec. 31 Studio Holiday       

Purchase My Book!

My Paypal button died so all purchases have to be made in person or via mailed check until I get it sorted out. Please send $23 for the book or $33 for your copy and to sponsor a copy for a young musician. Brian Perkins 12 Decatur St Burlington VT 05401 Thanks

Make-Up Days for Missed Lessons

If you miss a lesson (and let me know in advance) you can come to a monthly make-up session at no additional charge. Make-up sessions happen 11am-2pm usually on Saturdays. Call to confirm and come get caught up with missed material or just enjoy some extra playing time. I highly encourage folks to take advantage of these sessions. Let me know if the time doesn’t work for you.

Ha! This schedule has been totally nuked due to the pandemic. Please let me know and we will arrange a good time for makeup lessons.

Thanks for your understanding.   Brian

Purchase "The Book"

Here is my awesome  E-Commerce site. Click the link and buy a copy of The Music of the Old North End $20 gets you the book and an additional $10 allows us to provide a copy to a motivated young musician participating in our community music program. There is a $3 shipping charge. If you are in Burlington call me and I'm happy to deliver. 802-881-8500 or brianperkins2002@yahoo.com  

Individual or Sponsorship

I’m also happy to accept checks mailed to:

Brian Perkins

12 Decatur St.

Burlington VT 05401